Brands We Carry

GOJO 14 oz Smooth Hand Cleaner GOJO 28oz Smooth Hand Cleaner GOJO Wipes in 25 Count Canister GOJO Luxury 535 mL Pump Bottle

We sincerely welcome bumiputra & non-bumiputra project resellers from Malaysia and overseas. We can supply the following safety products:


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Founded in 2005, Safety Equipment Malaysia is a company dealing with a comprehensive range of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and Quality Safety Solutions in Malaysia.  Our major brands of product include GOJO,GLOVE GUARD, WOLVERINE, RINGER GLOVE  and OBERON. Our secondary products include 3M, Aearo, Ansell, Dupont, , Salisbury,   Wayne Plastic, Alpha. In addition, we also resell QUEBEE, SAFEWARE, and WALKMASTER safety equipment, which have been well received by customers. Our major product lines are Head Protection, Eye Protection, Face Protection, Respiratory Protection, Hearing Protection, Hand Protection, Protective Apparels, Fall Protection, Protective Footwear, Emergency Shower, Safety Cabinets, etc. We provide services such as Factory Walkthrough, Technical Support.

All our safety and testing products are direct

from main distributors or manufacturers in

Malaysia and overseas and are 100%

genuine . Our products come with manufacturer

warranty and corresponding

certificates where ever possible. 





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